When Should I Update My Website?

When Should I Update My Website?

At Interactive ID, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “When should I update my website?” Generally, websites should be updated (or fully redesigned) every 3-5 years. Although you don’t ever need to update your website, it’s always good to stay in Google’s good graces. In addition, you need to serve your audience. That can often entail a professional website clean-up.

5 Ways to Know When You Should Update Your Website

1. Your Website is Not Mobile-Friendly

Google tends to favor websites that are easily accessible on mobile devices. Additionally, a mobile-friendly website will form a wider audience through more outreach opportunities and leads. Remember, websites are somewhat of a competition when it comes to SEO, so it’s best to stay ahead of your competitors in every aspect. Mobile-accessible websites that are well-maintained have proven to be more responsive and SEO-friendly.

2. Your Website Does Not Reflect Recent Company Changes

Maybe you’ve taken on some new products or services – do you advertise them on your website? You should show any public change your company goes through on the website. This goes farther than products and services. Update your website’s staff pages every year to take new headshots, update bios, or add new employees.

3. Your Media is Not Up to Date

Photos and videos on a website are so important for potential clients to see the reality of your products or services. These media components need to be updated every 1-3 years. Adding new photos and videos to your website will refresh its look without having to dive into a full website redesign.

4. Your Google Ranking is Dropping

SEO never sleeps – therefore it’s so important to stay on top of updating your website to keep up with the competition. The more you update, the more your SEO rankings will stay strong. This is because Google sees reliability as consistent updates that produce content relativity.

5. Your Content is Repetitive

The content on your website should be new and engaging for internet users to take in. Wording, details, and concepts truly matter. Consider creating a blog page or a newsroom to update your loyal audience or to attract the attention of visitors. Maximize “cornerstone content” such as breaking up a list of services into individual, detailed service pages. Add a client testimonials section with consistently updated reviews that are time relevant.

Update Your Website Today

Rely on Interactive ID for any website updates you may need – including redesign. Additionally, we offer logo design, business card design, social media management, SEO services, and more. Call us today at (423) 508-0251 for more information about updating your website.