SEO Secrets: Why Focus on Long-Tail Key Phrases?

SEO Secrets: Why Focus on Long-Tail Key Phrases?

Ready to get serious about your SEO game? It may seem difficult to master the art of SEO, and that’s true. It can take a lot of work. However, don’t worry. We’re starting off our SEO Secrets series by sharing a tactic that will help you in your search engine optimization journey. Keep reading as we answer the question, “Why focus on long-tail key phrases?”

Focusing on long-tail key phrases is an SEO secret that can help your business stand out from others in search results. But first, a definition.

Long-tail key phrases are search terms that are highly specific to your products and/or services, and this usually makes them longer than short-tail searches.

Why Focus on Long-Tail Key Phrases?

Whenever an internet user searches up a long-tail key phrase, they know exactly what they’re looking for. In addition, they’re often looking to purchase soon or even right away. Long-tail key phrase searches are highly likely to lead to a sale. However, short-tail key phrase searches are geared towards a very basic interest in a product or service rather than purchase intent.

For example, instead of searching, “plumber”, you might search, “plumber near me in Chattanooga TN”. Although long-tail key phrases generally get searched less frequently than short-tail key phrases, they have a higher conversion value because they’re specific. If a potential client is searching for your long-tail key phrase, they’re likely to find your website.

3 Benefits of Long-Tail Key Phrases

1. Gaining Higher Search Rank

Specific, longer-worded key phrases make for higher rankings in the major search engines like Google and Bing. However, generic short-tail key phrases have broader, more competitive results because of the high search content. It’s hard to win the short key phrase battle.

2. Getting in Google’s Good Graces

Because long-tail key phrases are so specific, it’s easy to play with wording to create multiple phrases your company can rank high for. This is extra work because of the new pages you’ll need to make for each long-tail key phrase. However, Google will reward you for it. The more key phrase-focused pages on your website, the more useful and trustworthy your website will appear to search engines.

3. Boosting Short-Tail Key Phrase Rankings

Because your long-tail key phrases probably include a generic keyword or two, ranking higher for these long-tail phrases will also help you rank higher for your short-tail key phrases. Higher website rankings in general make for more organic website traffic. This is good news in terms of brand awareness and possible buyers.

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