Is My Website On Fire?

Is My Website On Fire?

Websites can be stressful assets to maintain, especially if technology is somewhat of a foreign subject for you. One inconvenient website scenario may give the impression that the entire website is “on fire.” A lot of times, this isn’t the case. In fact, many website issues that look large and detrimental are actually minor, quick fixes. By consulting with the professionals at Interactive ID about any website issue you may have, you’re saving yourself loads of time – and a possible stress headache. Let us diagnose your website to determine if it’s “on fire” or if we can perform a simple solution for you!

Quick-Fix Scenarios

At Interactive ID, our team’s joint experience and expertise allows us to be knowledgeable judges of website malfunctions and user errors. Keep reading for some common quick-fix scenarios.

1. Cache Plugin Troubles

Client: I’ve made some changes to the backend of my website, but they’re not appearing on the frontend after I refresh. What do I do?

IID’s Solution: Your website has a cache plugin installed for website speed improvement. We’ll update the plugin and run a test to ensure your backend updates show up on the first try.

2. Online Payment Issues

Client: One of my clients cannot gain transaction payment access and isn’t able to place their order. Is my website broken?

IID’s Solution: Not at all. We’ll need the client’s payment account code in order to connect the payment access to the client’s order. This happens sometimes when a client has security features enabled on their payment account.

3. Spammed Contact Forms

Client: My website’s contact form is receiving spam. What do I do?

IID’s Solution: We’ll install Google ReCAPTCHA to heavily reduce the amount of contact form spam. Please note that this plugin only protects your website from bot-related spam, not human-related spam. As long as comments are disabled on your blog posts, any human-related spam won’t affect your user experience.

4. Page Layout Mix-Ups

Client: My website’s page layout is suddenly jumbled up. Does my website have a virus?

IID’s Solution: There are no viruses present. We checked the editing history of your website and found that someone from your team made changes to the layout – probably unintentionally. This was only human error. We restored the previous page version.

Big or Small – Interactive ID Will Put Out the Fire

Whether your website has a quick-fix problem or an “on fire” issue, Interactive ID has your back. With unbeatable customer service and technical support, we’re here to make sure your website stays running efficiently for you and your clients. For all questions about website issues, technical support, or our general website services, call us today at (423) 508-0251.