How Content Writing Helps Make Your Ads More Effective

How Content Writing Helps Make Your Ads More Effective

Have you discovered that Google or Facebook ads are more expensive than you’d like? Do you feel the cost-per-click is too high to justify the value of those clicks? Or, are you finding that visitors who do click are leaving your site too quickly? The culprit may not be your ads at all. Rather, the problem may rest with the web page your ads lead to. Poor site content can make effective ads seem misleading or – even worse – annoying. But good site content can make a world of difference. That’s just one way how content writing helps make your ads more effective.

Let’s take a good look at the effects a good landing page experience can create for visitors. In addition, we’ll go over a few best practices for writing page content.

How Content Writing Helps Make Your Ads More Effective

Well-written content can enhance ad performance and multiply every dollar you spend on Google Ads (commonly called Pay-Per-Click ads). Because Google’s ad algorithm strongly considers on-site factors, here’s what’s at stake when you write page content.

  • Ad rank position
  • Ad “Quality Score” (QS)
  • Overall cost – higher quality score generally equals lower cost per click (CPC)

For that reason, you’ll need to optimize your landing page. Effective ad performance depends on:

1. Low Bounce Rate

If your site has content that answers the specific questions your ad audience is asking, they’re less likely to leave the site as soon as they land on it. When a visitor leaves immediately, that’s called a “bounce.” Ads that result in a high bounce rate have a higher CPC.

2. High Ad Position

Another aspect of how content writing helps make your ads more effective is increased content relevance. Google’s algorithm is smart – and can even tell when visitors find your page relevant and helpful. The better information you feature, the better their experience will be. Additionally, if their experience improves, they’ll spend more time on the site. All these factors work together to push your ads into a higher position.

3. Good Quality Score

If your:

  • Landing page is relevant
  • Content is helpful
  • Keywords are included
  • Ads are targeted specifically

… your Quality Score will be higher. Higher QS equals lower CPC and higher ad position.

4. Social Sharing

If your content is relevant and useful, visitors are more likely to share it. In addition, every time they share it, you gain another link from whatever platform they used to share it. You’ll experience increased exposure at no cost to you.

Content Writing Best Practices

We’ll keep this simple. Write content that is relevant, trustworthy, easy to read, and reliable. If you know what you’re talking about, and you’re focused on meeting your visitors’ actual needs, they’ll trust you. You’ll also win by spending less for better ad traffic.

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