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Reliant Bank

So they could reach first-time homebuyers with their mortgage service, Reliant Bank had a good idea: why not create a website that would provide them with all the information they needed? One of the biggest problems new buyers face is a lack of understanding.

In order to combat that, the bank’s team approached us with their concept and asked for help bringing it to life. After our initial conversations, the direction was clear: first build the website, then persistent, adaptive, analytics-driven digital marketing and SEO work.

However, building the website wasn’t just a programming job. They also needed a series of videos that would explain the process for first-time buyers. That’s where our strong partnerships came in. We produced the videos and were on-site as our partner filmed them, then provided strategic input throughout the editing process to make the finished product as effective as possible.

At the same time, we built the framework for the website using WordPress as the content management system, sourced images and graphics, and prepared our digital ad campaigns for launch.

Because of accurate market research, we were able to deliver thousands of targeted mortgage leads to their team over the course of a year.