What is a Mission Statement?

What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a brief statement explaining your organization’s values, goals, and purpose. It’s a simple text that serves the purpose of guiding a company’s goals and influencing its marketing, operations, and culture.

It is not a simple task to create a mission statement. It is crucial to accurately identify your business’s unique attributes and what sets you apart from other companies. To begin, brainstorm ideas with your team and leadership to recognize the concepts that drive your business. Your statement is supposed to give your customers and employees a more extensive look at the business’s root meaning and values.

Why Do You Need a Mission Statement?

A mission statement brings the “special sauce” to every business. It is the main component that will set you apart from your competition and grant a window into your motivations. This informs and attracts your customers, employees, and future partners. It will help to characterize what your business stands for and may even motivate employees to work towards the bigger picture.

It is also a simple, short message it helps recognize what the ideal audience is for your business. Also, it will remind you and your team why you exist, and why you keep moving forward. No matter how old your establishment is, it is always good to revisit the mission statement to remind yourself of the true mission and values of your company.

How Does a Mission Statement Benefit You?

No matter what’s being thrown at you, a mission statement can help your team refocus and drive you to accomplish your purpose. You can set clear goals, motivate your employees, and reassure investors of your company’s future.

Your statement is meant to tell the story of your business. To be your best you must know who you really are at the core and to work towards your strengths. It is a reminder to push yourself to accomplish your goals, even when it appears impossible.

What Does a Mission Statement Include?

You first want to determine your key market, the group of people that will gain the most from what you are offering. Then, you want to describe what you provide to that market.

The mission statement needs to include your core values that both customers and employees hold in high regard. Whether your values include integrity, excellence, or entertainment, you want to make it clear what you prioritize. This will help attract the right customers and employees who believe in your vision.

Where Should You Start?

When composing your mission statement, you want to start by outlining what your business does. Then you want to describe how you do that, not in a technical way, but by describing the values you uphold in getting there. Lastly, include why you do what you do. This will help your business stand out and set you apart from competitors.

Using brainstorming techniques will help you to get the right flow of words to describe your mission in the most ideal way. It can take time to construct a mission statement, but it is worth the time and effort to help you and your team achieve your goals. It is an effective tool to keep you focused and make decisions that will lead your business in the right direction.

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