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Are you a Chattanooga dental franchise owner? Because the dental industry is so vast and competitive – specifically for small, locally-owned offices – you understand how difficult it can be to stand out from the other clinics in the area. If you’ve hit a lull in new clients, you can hire a dental clinic marketing agency in order to promote your company, therefore driving in a greater number of patients. These multi-service companies were designed to be one-stop-shops for businesses seeking expansion, popularity, and increased sales.

Most marketing companies offer website optimization, content creation, brand promotion, and various advertisement services. While each company is different, it’s important to be sure your dental clinic marketing agency offers these specific services:

1. Content Marketing

Content is so important for the dental industry. This is because, like in most healthcare services, patients may have feelings of unease given that they don’t understand or have dental knowledge of what will be done to them in an appointment. Most concerned patients research their procedures or appointment happenings beforehand. You can draw in new clients by posting regular blog articles that answer common questions about dental procedures, dental hygiene, and healthy lifestyles. Your dental clinic marketing agency should be able to offer content writing and marketing as a service.

2. Social Media Management

A social media presence could mean all the difference in new patient numbers. Your dental clinic marketing agency should offer social media management as a service, setting up an online marketing strategy with clear objectives and timelines. They’ll be able to create and carry out modern, appealing content in order to reach potential clients.

3. Physical Merchandise

A great way to get your dental clinic’s information to the public is to create branded merchandise. Members of your office can appear at community events in order to mingle with the audience and promote the clinic by giving away free merchandise. Your marketing agency should be able to create shirts, hats, pins, or other objects with your clinic’s logo design on them.

Interactive ID: Your Dental Clinic Marketing Agency

To boost the popularity and client intake of your dental office, contact Interactive ID today about our professional marketing services. Our team is highly trained and ready to get your blog, social media, and brand merchandise ready for business. We specialize in SEO services, website design, content creation, social media management, and more! For more information, call us today at (423) 508-0251.