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Are you a Chattanooga business owner? You and your business could greatly benefit from a new website hand crafted by one of the best Chattanooga web design companies: Interactive ID! We offer website design and development services that will give you amazing results you won’t find anywhere else. To find the best website design partner, it’s best to do your research in order to narrow down your choices to “the one.”

3 Red Flags That Mean You Need a Better Web Design Company

1. The Price is Too Good to Be True

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. While a website shouldn’t cost half your savings account, a good quality site should never be less than around $5,000. For that reason, be wary if an agency quotes a new website anywhere under this amount. In that case, there’s a large chance you won’t be receiving a professional quality site.

2. No Contract or Proposal

Contracts and proposals are needed to prove the agreement of services and payment between a company and a consumer. This agreement entails pricing, deadlines, and also states what services they will provide. However, without a contract, a shady company may easily change these factors, leaving you with unwanted results.

3. No Domain Ownership or Administrative Authority

It’s all too common for shady Chattanooga web design companies to not give the client ownership of their domain or administrative access to their site. This means the only people who have access to making any website changes are the employees of the website design company. For that reason, if you’re paying for a site, you should have full access and ownership over it.

The Best of All Chattanooga Web Design Companies: Interactive ID

If you’re looking for the best of the best, choose Interactive ID today. Out of all the Chattanooga web design companies, we’ve worked hard to prove that we’re Tennessee’s most trustworthy and reliable option. We value every client and work individually with each one to give them the exact results we agreed upon. With fair pricing, detailed and honest proposals, and client website access, we’re the web design company for you. To learn more, call us at (423) 508-0251.